In the actual context specialised trained dogs are no longer a trifle they are a necessity. TotalK9 is a specialised canine training provider that can help when it comes to coaching dogs. The team can train every dog you bring into being a security, police or prison dog. The expertise TotalK9 has was proven over a two decades period with them training all breeds of dogs to match the requirements of its owner.

AA Dog Training is a company that understands the importance of a well behaved, socialised dog. They encourage the training classes to take place as an outside activity thus simulating and making the environment as natural as possible for the dog. The services include Puppy training and Back to Basics for rescue purposes.

A rescue pets service which helps dogs from Romania to get to their forever homes. Most of the time they are trying hard to find them a family that can offer them love. The forgotten shelter is rescuing more and more dogs in order to save them.

3 Cunmont Farm Cottage, Kingennie, Broughty Ferry
“+44 131 618 8778”

MyPetzilla is the online platform for safely buying and selling pets and dogs of any breeds. At MyPetzilla every dog owner can advertise and sell online a puppy or a dog breed with the support of the MyPetzilla team. With the pet breed selector, every person wanting to have a dog can wisely choose the best fit for their household. You can rely on MyPetzilla for expert advice when it comes to dog breeds and pet information.

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Orchards Dog Training centre provides amongst other puppy playgroups, agility courses, pet obedience courses, problem solving and individual tuition. The centre is purpose built and offer cloakrooms with facilities for people with disabilities and large indoor and outdoor training facilities. The Cherwell District Coucil issued a Certificate of Approval for the centre