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Business Name: Dog Rescue Near Me |

We built this website in order to facilitate the adoption by German residents of rescued dogs from Romania. Our mission is to provide as much exposure as possible for these souls, thus increasing the changes for them to be adopted.

Currently, the dogs presented on this website are from a single shelter. However, as we evolve, we aim to expand it to serve multiple shelters. Our ethical standards forbid us to work with overcrowded shelters, that don`t respect the animal`s well being, that is why almost all the dogs on this website are calm and friendly and can be safely adopted.

We strongly believe that change comes through education, that is why a great part of this website is dedicated to educate future and present pet owners in order to provide the best care for their animals.

Address: 30 Upcerne Road SW10 0SQ
Telephone: 0724632719