Laser hair removal in London by Medspa

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Laser hair removal in London by Medspa

At Medspa the clinic staff is delivering the highest level of service and beauty advices by highly trained professionals and doctors. Medspa provides the newest and the most efficient laser hair removal in London, with outstanding results on lowest rates. Beside laser hair removal, Medspa provides skin rejuvenating, massage, aromatherapy, microdermabrasion and non-surgical face lift. If you want to see immediate change in your appearance after your first session and optimum results after 6 sessions you have to go at Medspa. With the newest technologies and well prepared medical team, Medspa is the complete solution for any kind of skin problems, body sculpting, cellulite and stretch marks. The clinic is located on the west side of London, very easy to find and book.

Medspa Beauty Clinic
55-57 Notting Hill Gate
London, WII 3JS
07848 040381