Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal. A Health sub-category containing the most important resources of UK health industry. provides useful information about business and clinics that offer laser hair removal and beauty services and treatments in London and UK.
If you want to see immediate change in your appearance after your first session and optimum results after 6 sessions you have to go at Medspa. With the newest technologies and well prepared medical team, Medspa is the complete solution for any kind of skin problems, body sculpting, cellulite and stretch marks. The clinic is located on the west side of London, very easy to find and book.
Medspa Beauty Clinic
55-57 Notting Hill Gate
London, WII 3JS
Tel: 020 7034 0156
Mob: 07848 040381
Northwood Clinic combines the newest and modern cutting-edges laser technology with uncompromised services to provide clients a complete hair removal solution for upscale, luxury grooming. The clinic wishes to make clients forget about razors and waxes with their top-of-the-line removal treatment. That way the customers will receive a silky-smooth bare skin, which anyone deserves.
North Wood Clinic
36 Westow Street
SE19 3AH
020 8653 5646
Thanks to advanced laser technology, Pulse Light’s laser hair removal procedure is a safe and painless alternative to the older methods. The customers can forget about any irritation, unpleasant sensation, or discomfort of any kind. All of the clinic procedures are administrated on a modern facility equipped with modern devices and well prepared personal, and that way any client can make the best treatments without breaking the bank.
0207 523 5158
1st floor
150-152 Fenchurch St
The Pro Skin Clinic offers a wide range of beauty treatments for female and male clients in the UK. The clinic has extensive beauty treatments range from facials to body treatments and from laser hair removal to traditional waxing. They have quality skin care products, renowned in the beauty industry. NAME aim is to pamper the customers in their exquisite and relaxing beauty clinic and make them feel really special and relaxed.
0844 326 0054
Liverpool Street.
4 Exchange Arcade